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Because the power and speed of hardware and the innovative problem solving of software have changed dramatically over the last decade, it has been difficult to keep on top of what is new and what best supports your organization’s strategy.

However, more and more organizations are realizing that to ensure a solid return on their IT investments, they need to develop an IT strategic plan so that they can effectively allocate resources.

The SDM Technology Services Company consulting team is in a perfect position to help organizations with the strategic planning process. They know the products available – what’s new, what works – and they have experience helping a range of clients from governments, educational institutions, construction and real estate firms, to manufacturers and banks with IT solutions, including technology assessment, selection, and implementation consulting.

Technology assessment: Knowing the current situation

Our consultants begin most projects with a technology assessment of the client’s current situation. Their review will serve as a solid foundation for making modifications to improve efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the security and protection of valuable data.

Armed with the information from an IT assessment, the technology specialists can help develop a plan to address deficiencies and establish a strategic plan.

Clients appreciate the technology team’s methodology. Team members solicit input from a broad range of stakeholders and synthesize the goals of management when developing a strategic plan.

Multiyear plan is effective road map

Our technology consultants also help clients develop the necessary IT governance and administrative structure to ensure effective technology selection and implementation and develop mechanisms to manage the technology investment and ensure accountability.

The support can go beyond planning. Our consultants are accustomed to helping clients through the technology selection and implementation process. They feel comfortable turning to SDM Technology Services Company consultants because our vendor independence ensures unbiased, objective advice.

When there are so many options and so many companies trying to sell their products, our technology consultants can help you filter through the noise. They can help you consider a multitude of factors. In fact they have developed hundreds of tools, tactics, and checklists to help you throughout the selection process.

Traditionally our technology consultants help clients develop RFPs, make sure they are distributed to the right companies with the right products, and evaluate the responses to make sure they meet specifications.

Making sure you get what you pay for

You will appreciate the efforts of our technology consulting team to get you the best solutions at reasonable prices. You can also depend on the team to make sure the systems are installed correctly and that you get what you have paid for. Our specialists can help negotiate technology contracts to ensure clear expectations, payment terms based upon milestones, and enhanced contractual recourse.

Implementing an IT strategy means more than incorporating new systems, it means making sure you have the processes and staffing in place to leverage the new computing power. Sometimes it means training staff, often times it means having a technology consultant who can make sure you are getting the full value from your purchases.

You will appreciate the skills and experience of the SDM Technology Service Company technology assessment, selection, and implementation consulting team.

You can depend on them to ensure you get the expected return on your IT investments.

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