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IT Infrastructure

"We understand the meaning of partnership; we come in the door understanding your business"

Cost-effective solutions to help stretch your IT infrastructure dollars

With upgrades your organization’s IT infrastructure could function more efficiently and effectively. You can depend on our experienced IT infrastructure consultants for cost-effective solutions.

Before spending a dollar, they will perform a network analysis to assess where you stand and help you develop a strategy for improving your operations taking into consideration relevant technology, adoption curves, current pricing, maintenance terms, and implementation challenges.

Wide range of experience for a wide range of clients

Our communications and networking consultants will draw on their experience with hundreds of other projects for a range of clients from government and education to manufacturing.

Samples of our experience include:

  • Data network: LAN, WAN, Internet, WLAN
  • Server & network storage solutions: servers, SAN, NAS, virtualization
  • Data center: design and implementation
  • Cable infrastructure: UTP, fiber optics, inside/outside plant, coax
  • Video: video distribution, video production, video-on-demand technology, video conferencing
  • Surveillance design expertise: IP cameras, video surveillance design, management systems, door access controls
  • Strategic communications & networking planning
  • End-user technology: workstations, presentation solutions, conference room design
  • VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol; systems include dedicated SIP Lines and Virtual PBX systems.
Prioritize IT infrastructure expenditures

Our process will help you optimize the return on your dollar by prioritizing IT infrastructure upgrades/replacements while addressing increasing demands for bandwidth and connectivity. Our communications & networking consultants will begin by assessing your situation and helping you develop a comprehensive strategy to improve the connectivity in your organization. You will appreciate our custom tailored reports and deliverables which will serve as a valuable tool for you as you explain the proposed strategy to the other decision makers. Finally, we will analyze the results, compare and contrast them, and give you recommendations.

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