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Regardless of what type of website you create, you need to make it accessible to the world at large. This is called publishing your website and unless you are a large enterprise with a big IT department the best and simplest option is to use a third-party web hosting service to handle the publication. Web hosting services are businesses specifically set up to make other people’s or other businesses’ websites available on the Internet.

Web hosting is the ideal option for several reasons. When your website is published, it is available for anybody to look at, and this brings very obvious security issues. If your site takes credit card details, then you clearly do not want that information falling into the wrong hands. Even if your website does not store or handle any confidential information, its very presence makes it a target for hackers who can try and abuse it by, for example, using it to send spam emails.

Website security is a very complicated aspect of managing sites. Web hosting services will be far better able to manage this most important aspect of your online business, leaving you to concentrate on promoting your website. Because your website will be accessible from anywhere around the globe, this means 24/7 monitoring is required to ensure it is always available. Many smaller businesses simply could not afford that level of technical cover.

Web hosting services offer different levels of hosting packages and you need to decide which package is best suited to your particular site’s needs. The first decision you have to make is whether you want your site hosted on a Unix-flavored server, for example Apache with cPanel, or on a Windows server. That decision will depend on how your web pages are built. This is why the experts at SDM Technology Services will walk you through this decision. Sites that use ASP pages need Windows servers, while those that use PHP or Perl need Unix servers. Some web hosts will offer both types of server, while others offer one or the other.

The next consideration in choosing your package is taking into account the amount of traffic that will be using your site and the amount of information that will be sent from your site to web surfers. If your site offers mostly textual information, for example promoting your home tuition business or running a blog, then an entry-level package should be adequate. This will be the lowest cost package available. Your site will be shared on a server with lots of other sites. There may be restriction on the amount of disk storage space and bandwidth (the amount of information you can send).

If you will be getting a lot of traffic, are hosting a busy online shop, or sending a lot of information such as lots of video downloads, then you will need to consider a package that will give you your own dedicated server and plenty of bandwidth.

We will help you, do some research into various web hosting services before signing up with one. Do not simply accept claims made by any service, including testimonials.

If you would like to talk with us about your hosting needs, please give us a call today at (570) 616-4200 or contact us online today.

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